2002 / International Sculpture Symposium 2002

A Tree in a Sculpture

A wooden sculpture using douglas fir and a birch tree side by side comparing the natural & manmade.

Sculpture Concept

by sculptor: Naomi Seki

"We finally learned to live and let live. When will the tree grow taller than the sculpture?"

Made from Douglas Fir, the sculpture is 7.2m tall, 2.7m wide and 5.6m deep. The tree is a birch which is about 3 metres tall. This tree was chosen as it had to be strong enough to survive every season in Lough Boora Parklands and this type of tree can. The piece compares the natural and manmade, organic and geometrical - the breathing and quiet between a tree and a sculpture.

"I will make a work as being a tree in a sculpture, 500 or 720cm high, 270cm wide, 560cm deep by wood. A tree would be around 275 cm high, but what kind of a tree would be suitable there, I won't be able to decide yet. It's keyword: enough strong every seasons, not so expensive, and uncommon there.... I would like to compare natural and manmade, organic and geometrical, breathing and quiet between a tree and a sculputure".

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