Work in process / 今気になることや考えていることふたつ 2020年秋

Covid 19 禍で実際のレジデンスや展覧会を避けて、Zoom 上で制作過程を伝え合うことになりました。


Work in process / What I am interested in and what I think about

1, Albatross
Due to the Covid 19 disaster, we decided to avoid actual residences and exhibitions and communicate the work in process on Zoom.
I usually make 3-dimensional works, so to be honest showing the process in the video sounds interesting, but I am confused. I've edited videos in the past, but basically I don't have any skills.
That's why I went back to the origin of photography and made a camera-obscura.
And the subject is an albatross.
Albatross can be seen on Oshima, how romantic!
That said, migratory birds carry viruses as well as romance, so this year we welcome them without spreading our arms.
So, I remembered meeting a bird researcher who boarded Toshima on my way home from Niijima two years ago.

2, Composting exercise in the camellia forest
Make compost from garbage, fallen leaves and poop, and return it to soil.
Large gear connects to small gear and stir to make compost.
Let's try with the body like exercising.
For those of us who are in the middle of efficient life, it is actually very troublesome until we get used to it, but I would like to try it in the camellia forest because it is now.